"In a changing world it is essential that there is shared vision and co-ordinated planning to find ways to implement essential changes to the world of work"
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Introducing the UK's only on-line Skill & Expertise Exchange

Skill Exchange UK is a not for profit, totally independent strategy group; drawn from ACAS, TUC, Local Government Association, British Chambers of Commerce, in addition to supporting founders and a widening range of major employers such as Royal Mail, Veolia, Ulster Bank, Harland and Wolff and Michelin.
The aim of the exchange is to share skills and services through a more 'joined up' local and regional network. We want to better identify, manage and share skill, expertise, knowledge and resources between large and small organisations across all industries.

By better use of skills and experience, we aim to improve growth, increase productivity and gain mutual benefit for our members within their immediate local, regional and eventually national economies.

Driving Employment, Growth and Competitiveness, by promoting cost-efficient "Skill & Knowledge Recycling" through local authority, education and business collaboration across an on-line Skill Exchange.

The key objectives are to provide local HUBs & regional skill exchanges to:

Connect local Employers and skilled professionals to communicate more
Improve skills mobility, cut wastage and risk of redundancy
Develop and share skills and expertise locally
Share knowledge and experience between registered Members
Champion new ways of working, utilise emerging talent
Provide development & employment opportunities
Generate and exchange new ideas

SKILL EXCHANGE UK (SKILL X UK) extends its aims and activity through its regional centres- each adding local community networks or 'HUBS' to stimulate initiatives amongst connected Members and creates white papers, press opinion as well as gather collective opinions, ideas & policy recommendations covering a variety of employment, skill retention, mobile and flexible working issues.

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JOIN OUR NEW NI Regional group! Our first Regional Group covering the whole of Northern Ireland launches first week in May 2014. This new NI Group endorses and supports what was our first local NI North East HUB- covering Antrim and co-ordinated by a Skill X team in Ballymena.

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